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- Charles Mizrahi
Get in Now: The $7 Trillion Opportunity Making Our Roads Safer

(3-minute read) Technology is helping us make driving safer and saving lives as well. These days, the ultimate goal is to replace humans from behind the wheel entirely. Here’s how it’ll happen… Read More

- Charles Mizrahi
This Company Will Dominate the $7 Trillion AV Megatrend

(4-minute read) Investors who invest in the dominant players of any industry are able to make outstanding returns in a very short time. Here’s how to identify which companies will be the dominators… Read More

- Charles Mizrahi
No-BS Profits: How to Stay 1 Step Ahead of Wall Street

(4-minute read) Knowing how to separate BS from reality has helped me stay one step ahead of many investors when investing. And it can help you, too… Read More

- Charles Mizrahi
Before You Invest, You Need to Ask Yourself This Question

(3-minute read) If you don’t have a simple investing approach that you can sum up in a sentence or two, you’re at a big disadvantage. So today, I want to give you insight into my approach and why it makes sense… Read More

- Clint Lee
The Ultimate Scarce Resource Will Deliver Profits for This ETF

I will remember 2021 for a lot of things, or maybe a lack of things. That’s because shortages are plaguing many industries on a global scale. Cars, computers, microwaves, houses … the list goes on. Part of the blame falls on efforts to create lean supply chains through corporate programs… Read More

- Ted Bauman
The 10X-Plus Dividend Investing Approach

Like any active investor, I adjust my approach based on the circumstances. So today, I’m going to show you how I’m managing my personal portfolio … and where you can go to get the great gains I’m enjoying this year. Read More

- Angela Jirau
Amazon Falls, Robinhood Tanks: Is the Growth Stock Rally Over?

In one day, $110 billion was erased from (Nasdaq: AMZN)’s market cap following a less-than-stellar earnings report. Just before that, Robinhood (Nasdaq: HOOD) had the worst debut ever for an initial public offering (IPO) of its size. So … is the party over for growth stocks? Today, Ted and… Read More

- Clint Lee
This ETF Predicts the Market’s Next Move

The stock market sure kept us on our toes this week: earnings reports … an announcement from the Federal Reserve … ongoing infrastructure bill drama … rising COVID-19 Delta cases. And it’s all affecting one corner of the market in particular, which gives us important clues about the sustainability of… Read More

- Daniel Shifflett
Buy Moment for Medical Mushroom Revolution

It was one of Paul’s five weird future trends to watch this year: medical mushrooms. And now is the buy moment for big gains. Read More

- Amber Lancaster
Meet GUSS — The Future of Precision Farming

This kind of growth is a signal for me. That the time for you to invest is now. And with our America 2.0 tech transforming farming, I have a great pick for you. Read More

- Paul Mampilly
Space 2.0 Is Here — Don’t Miss Out!

Now that space is hitting the mainstream, the opportunity for you to get in early on this incredible mega trend is closing. Read More

- Paul Mampilly
3 Post-Pandemic Sectors to Invest In

You’ve got a lot on your mind as we head into the second half of 2021 — inflation, earnings, post-pandemic market … here’s what it means for your stocks. Read More

- Jay Goldberg
College NFTs Are the Next Big Thing in Cryptos

NFT mania rocked the online world earlier this year. Now, college athletes are hunting for their own crypto fortunes. Read More

- Steve Fernandez
Buy This Metaverse ETF Now

The metaverse is shaping up to be the next iteration of the internet, powered by virtual reality. Read More

- Ian King
The Crypto Art World Is on Fire

There’s an explosion of digital art happening right now that’s turning the art world on its head. Read More

- The Smart Profits Daily Team
How to Bag Triple-Digit Gains in This Red-Hot Sector

This month’s Service Spotlight takes a look at Strategic Fortunes and why renewable energy is the trend to follow. Read More